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LED lamp radiator cold forging

  In recent years, with the continuous push and constantly improve the technical level of the LED street lamp and the government for the purpose of energy-saving emission reduction, to replace the traditional high pressure sodium lamp Prelude began to accelerate. But the LED street lamp in the outdoor high humidity, high temperature environment of the performance is not satisfactory, death light phenomena occur.
  In order to solve the high temperature brings death light phenomenon in question, LED street lamp radiator is particularly important, the current market most is used in die casting lamp housing integration heat or by aluminum profile heat sink, because these two section of heat the material, greatly lost the cooling effect, and is of light within the temperature is too high, resulting in high temperature environment to the light source, lamp death is normal.
  Dongguan ruiquan hardware electronic pioneered the use of cold forging technology, processing of LED street lamp heat radiator for LED lamp manufacturers demand, the problem of the radiator, the radiator is used for cold forging pure aluminum material, thermal conductivity good, greatly improve the radiating efficiency, LED street lamp energy saving for continued escort, but also for the cause of green contribution.
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