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LED cold forging radiator

  Cold forging integrated radiator is 1070 pure aluminum billet on the cold forging die, the extrusion press plastic deformation produced, arc only ends and blade needs of CNC lathe machining. We all know that currently hinder the LED lighting industry development and popularization of the two big problem is the heat dissipation performance and price, has the advantage be richly endowed by nature cooling performance of cold forging LED radiator ruiquan Hardware Electronic Co., Ltd production, especially in the high-power LED heat on.
  Cold forging radiator currently produces ruiquan Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd., made of 1070 pure aluminum, the thermal conductivity of about 226W/M.K, thickness of leaf have can do 0.5mm, pitch 1.5mm, increase the heat radiating area, so as to enhance the heat dissipation performance. Thermal structure design unique, maximize heat area, making the products in the long-term work under the condition of normal temperature, the cup body temperature can guarantee the ideal temperature, thus reducing the LED using the process of decay, but also to ensure that the lamp quality. The appearance of the product according to the modern streamline design, meet the aesthetic concept and creates the perfect classic appearance.
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