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LED ceiling lamp installation instructions

  Installation instructions:
  LED ceiling lamp is a kind of embedded into lighting ceiling light emitter type. Not a perfect unity because the lamps installed and destroy the ceiling art. The overall unity and perfect its greatest feature is to keep building decoration, has the structure has the advantages of using the source hidden architectural decoration inside, LED light source is not exposed, not to stimulate the skin of eye! Need to pay attention to installation:
  LED ceiling lamp belongs to the electric appliance products, installation must have experience please and documents related to the professional electrician to help assist the installation, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents.   
  Install LED ceiling lamp should be avoided to install the heat source and heat steam, corrosive gas places, so as not to affect the life.
  Remember to cut off the power, turn off the switch before installation, in addition to prevent electric shock, please check the installation hole size meets the requirements and check the wiring terminal and the power supply input wire connection is firm before installation, if loose, please lock after operation, otherwise may cause the lamp can not be normal lighting lamps and the installation surface; check whether smooth fitting, such as gaps please make appropriate adjustments. Packaging specifications: inner packaging: small box / single outer packing: carton /12 transport, storage requirements: LED days lantern before installation for carton packaging, by violent mechanical impact and the sun and rain is not allowed in the transportation process, do not touch the bulb surface. Try not to install in heat and corrosive gas place!
  The mounting hole mall ceiling according to the required size open beforehand, the power line connected to the terminals of lamps and lanterns, note the positive and negative pole. After wiring confirmation check installation is correct, the spring card stand up, and the lamp body is inserted into the installation hole, forced upward, LED ceiling lamp can automatically block in. The power supply is switched on, the lamp can work normally.
  Error: no swing in the location selection of no vibration, no hidden trouble of fire, open places, pay attention to avoid the drop, the hard object collision, percussion. Long term not applicable placed in dry and ventilated place! Cable laying should be followed by electrical equipment from the far end to the near the laying of power distribution room, the use of fire retardant on the pipe mouth sealing material to seal the cable duct. Electrical equipment and cable duct between the use of explosion-proof flexible connecting pipe is connected with the motor, field operation column, please refer to the purchase of other lamps, installation instructions, refer to the instructions for installation and use.
  1, LED days lanterns energy-saving white LED. Energy consumption is only 1/10 of the incandescent lamp, energy saving lamp 1/4.
  2, LED ceiling lamp life. Life can reach 100000 hours or more, for ordinary household lighting is "put things right once and for all".
  3, LED ceiling lamp can work at high speed. Energy saving lamp if frequent startup or shutdown the filament will soon broken black.
  4, LED days lantern is solid state encapsulation, belongs to cold light source type. Type and closed equipment, vibration resistance LED ceiling lamp, must consider heat, fever.
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