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The selection of cold forging radiator material

  In the selection of cold forging heat sink materials, general will consider several issues, thermal conductivity of materials, thermal conductivity of metallic materials affects the use characteristic and structure of radiator manufacturing, ductility and high temperature stability properties of metal materials, determining the material is easy to use various types of processing technology.
  Made of metal material heat sink is an important factor affecting the radiator heat dissipation effect, so in the choice of metal materials, the rational use of the character of the metal itself. Such as copper aluminum fast heat conduction, heat quickly, in the heat dissipation tablets by copper as the heat absorbing parts, aluminum as a radiating part of copper and aluminum radiator manufacturing high-end.
  According to the composition and proportion of different metal materials, aluminum alloy material properties, forming model, processing method and application field are different. Which occupy the dominant position of the aluminum metal materials AL6061 and AL6063 heat conduction and processing capacity is more suitable for aluminum extrusion, cold forging process, at the same time it also in AL1070 aluminum fin processing is widely used, the mechanical properties of AL1012 strong, heat conduction coefficient is low, is suitable for die casting. Ductility of AL1050 is good, usually use made by punching process, such as the manufacture of thin fin radiator.
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