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Aluminum hardware sheet metal

Model No: RQ0038

Application: heatsink

Materail: Pure aluminum AL1070

Surface treatment: Anodizing or to be customized

Also welcom customized drawing or samples.


1.Integrated cold forging pressing heat sink uses 1070 pure Aluminum raw material,

thermal conductivity is 226w/m.k.the fins can be made to 0.6mm.

2.Common extruded heat sink uses 6063 aluminum alloy raw material,thermal conductivity

is only 209w/m.k. Furthermore this kind of heat sink has separated bodies,which increase

thermal resistance and installation cost.

3.At the same time ,die-casting heat sink uses ADC12 materail,themal conductivity is 96w/m.k.

As usual,the fins are less and very thick.Reducing heat disspation area and radiating area.

We can provide Aluminium LED Lighting Parts according to your requirement, and also supply some machining services as cutting, tapping, drilling, milling, threading, chamfering etc and make surface treating services.
1. Material: aluminum, grade selected according to your request.
2. The dimensions can be customized.
3. Treatment: silver anodized, or others such as polished, powder coating, chrome plating, sand blasting, brushed and so on.

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